Craig Fellows

I have decided to research into textile designers because I don’t really know many, which I will need to research to inform my work even more. Craig Fellows is the first one that jumped out at me. He is an award-winning textile print designer with a passion for colour and illustration. He likes to combine […] Searching pictures of monsters and I came across this illustrator, whose work consists of some very cute characters and comics. I wont be using this to inform my project but It does open up some ideas for a home project that I have had in mind for a while…hmmm.


The next session, after playing around manipulating calico, was drawing. We were shown a easy and quick way of drawing a figure for fashion drawing. This I found was helpful because I could spend most of my time on my designs for my garment. Though I wish I had produced more… I used pictures of […]

Bubble wrap Ironing ?!?

So today I’m college I started doing experiments for my surface pattern brief that I chose…I sandwiched pieces of paper, string, fabric etc…in bubble wrap and clean film. I then ironed it flat using an iron and grease proof paper, so that it didn’t stick. I also did some tie dying as you can see […]