Craig Fellows

I have decided to research into textile designers because I don’t really know many, which I will need to research to inform my work even more. Craig Fellows is the first one that jumped out at me. He is an award-winning textile print designer with a passion for colour and illustration. He likes to combine […]

Short Eared Owl

The short eared owl or asio flammeus is a medium size, with a brown body and pale underneath its wings. The eyes are a bright yellow. Though this particular breed of owl mostly hunts during the day. . I thought that the yellow eyes in darkness would create the atmosphere I want, or at least […] Searching pictures of monsters and I came across this illustrator, whose work consists of some very cute characters and comics. I wont be using this to inform my project but It does open up some ideas for a home project that I have had in mind for a while…hmmm.

Script, Midnight Or Confinement ??

Monday 2nd December 2013, first day of part two. Talked about the plan for the next project, week planners, and also what our brief proposals may be about, to the set words, of which we chose one. I have narrowed it down the three; Script, Midnight and Confinement. Script…was my original ideal word because it […]


The next session, after playing around manipulating calico, was drawing. We were shown a easy and quick way of drawing a figure for fashion drawing. This I found was helpful because I could spend most of my time on my designs for my garment. Though I wish I had produced more… I used pictures of […]


McQueen was born in London, March 17th 1969. He left school when he was sixteen, to participate in an two apprenticeships, in masters of the technical construction of clothing. His shows are known for their emotional power and raw energy as well as being romantic an contemporary. >>>>>>>>>>   <<<<<< WOMEN’S SPRING/SUMMER 2005 “IT’S ONLY A GAME” This collection is a […]