Script, Midnight Or Confinement ??

Monday 2nd December 2013, first day of part two. Talked about the plan for the next project, week planners, and also what our brief proposals may be about, to the set words, of which we chose one. I have narrowed it down the three; Script, Midnight and Confinement.

Script…was my original ideal word because it just jumped out at me, not sure why. Usually I would have gone with my gut instinct so I thought about how script could be incorporated into fashion and textiles. Thinking about words on garments but more towards textiles at first. Looking at a narrative, story, to ether use the words in a piece of textiles or to inspire. I would also look at how that could be made into a garment.

For MIDNIGHT, I am really interested in the dark and how people have a irrational fear of it. I thought that what if its not irrational. What if there really were monsters in the dark? Taking the word midnight I would go outside during that time and take pictures using only moonlight or street lights. My focus point would be shadows in the dark and what shapes may emerge from them. For other research I would look into stories of why people are afraid of the dark. The history of the irrational fear and also into monsters, all that is supernatural. Possibly come up with a monster of my own that may inspire a garment or piece of textiles work. Use stitch to make a drawing with stitch book, as extra research and drawings in one.

Confinement! I started to think about how people are confined by clothing initially and this led me to think about mental patients. How they are confined in an environment, what that environment is like. I also thought about how that might make them feel, which could inform a pattern or piece of embroidery. Then I started to think about what they are made to wear, namely straight jackets. How it restricts movement so that they cannot harm anyone of them self. I might look at the history of the jacket, how its made, what of…This could inform some drawings of confined clothing.

So my three words and ideas would all be of the same kind of theme. The dark and mysterious, a little sad. If I would have chose my original idea (which I am not), namely the word SCRIPT then I would have looked at dark fiction stories to inform my work. As I ruled out that Idea, I am kind of stuck with which of the two left I want to go forward with…I feel more passionate about the MIDNIGHT theme as I have been interested in this thought for a while. Also I am very passionate about all thing supernatural, witches, ghosts, vampires, werewolfs etc… Things that reside in the dark.

Though I think looking at CONFINEMENT and mental health patients, what they wear, would be interesting. I have a few ideas of where I could take this, but don’t feel as though my heart is really into that project proposal, so I have gone with midnight.

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