Nyctophobia is the name for the phobia in which a person fears the dark. Most common in young children, who may not be able to sleep because of ‘the monster under the bed’ or in the closet. As children we have all felt afraid of the dark at some point. I hope to research the possibility of why this may be. What could reside in the darkness?

As we grow up this fear becomes just a nagging thought in the back of our mind, something that never really bothers us much, though for some that is not true. Their fear of monsters and darkness becomes worse as they age, crippling them. 

Most people do retain some fear of the dark…maybe this is just an evolutionary of nature as many predators hunt in the night. Also darkness and the monsters which live within it are the main source of horror movies and halloween. 

As we all do have some form of Nyctophobia there are symptoms that show. People may act nervous in a darkened environment, even sleeping with a nightlight when they go to bed. I myself have turned the staircase light on at night, not only to see but because of a slight fear of the dark.

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