This site was not the first I looked at but I found it interested me the most as it’s easy to browse and has some amazing designs on, I even found myself getting interested in some of the buildings for the first time, which is a win.

First thing was to look at design and fashion where I found some cool collections.


Melissa Shoes is a collaboration between Zaha Hadid and  Brazilian shoe company Melissa, which gave them the ability to explore new media and also work closely with the fashion industry.

Although there isn’t much information or photos on the site, they have included a short video

>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Play  <<<<<<<<<

I liked the idea behind the video, how it shows the lines curving graceful around a pair of feet to form shoes that have no beginning or end.

The starting point for this project was organic contours of the body, which inspired them to create a shoe in flux or that comes to life when worn, rather than just an object .

The idea of a shoe that fits like a second skin, that kind of blurs the lines between the us, our body and the object is an interesting idea. The smooth seamless lines make these designs look beautiful.



Next I had a gander at some buildings, eek, but was pleasantly surprised with what I found. I found many buildings or structure and have also realized that line is very important, Which is when my ideas started to come into existent for my garment. I made plans to focus on the lines in my work, each single one being important. I didn’t want to crowd it with unimportant lines that would bombard the viewer.

The art museum stood out because it has very defined lines the make it up. curves, pleats and angles all stand out but work together perfectly. It kind was meant to kind of form and change itself as you walk through, by extending corners, producing pleats, producing a structure that is always changing, always drawing your curiosity, but never reveals its true self. And incredibly hard thing to try and accomplish, and by the looks of the photos they did, though I cannot say for sure without visiting.

Here is a time-laps of the building being, well, built…

>>>>  Play  <<<<

And also a sort of virtual tour of the building (non-ineractive).

>>>>  Play  <<<<





Whilst browsing the interior section I came across this photo with the name ‘ideal house’, which of course intrigued me. It is a contemporary experiment of an ideal small, temporary living space. It’s purpose is to inspire future designs for living spaces.



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