The next session, after playing around manipulating calico, was drawing. We were shown a easy and quick way of drawing a figure for fashion drawing. This I found was helpful because I could spend most of my time on my designs for my garment. Though I wish I had produced more… I used pictures of […]


McQueen was born in London, March 17th 1969. He left school when he was sixteen, to participate in an two apprenticeships, in masters of the technical construction of clothing. His shows are known for their emotional power and raw energy as well as being romantic an contemporary. >>>>>>>>>>   <<<<<< WOMEN’S SPRING/SUMMER 2005 “IT’S ONLY A GAME” This collection is a […]

Mags, Webs and Journals…

To start my research for the fashion and architecture workshop I browsed through a few websites first to get some ideas flowing, which I found particularly hard to be honest. I have never really thought much of buildings and architecture before as it has never caught my interest. So I well to this website that was on the […]

My Finished Garment !!

So the last workshop in college was fashion and architecture, At first I didn’t know what to expect with the architecture part, as I am not really interested in buildings. This is why I decided to look at it in a was of structure and creating a structural dress with defined lines. I am happy with my final garment though It […]

Nick Park

Nick Park was born 6th December 1958. He’s an English filmmaker of stop motion animation  who is best known as the creator of the beloved Wallace and Gromit, also Shaun the Sheep. He grew up with a keen interest in drawing cartoons and as a 13 year old made films with his mother. Also he liked to invent […]


WALLACE AND GROMIT After looking up videos on youtube, the first animation that I looked at was of course, Wallace and Gromit !! Wallace and Gromit is a British stop motion comedy series, which was created by Nick Park of Aardman Animations. There is a tv series of wallace and gromit, four short films and also a feature […]