Artifacts research…

For college I have to research artifacts. The work has to be purely drawings and research, which I find the hardest is the hardest part about college work. We also have to visit museums and gather research from there. I have decided to put most of my research on here and to also make a book out of photos and drawings, from the Pitt rivers visit.

20130205-061327 PM.jpg
This is my mind map about artifactts. It’s has ideas of what I might research, for example; clothing, sculpture, weapons, musical instruments etc… I have also listed materials that might be used to make an artifactt.

I spent some time researching into what an artifactt actually is.

An Artifact is an object that has been made or manipulated by humans, for example a work of art or a piece of clothing. The term is most used in archaeology when an object of cultural interest is found. An Artifact can be a wide rage of objects such as, pottery, guns, jewellery, clothing, tattoos, treatment of the dead, hunting tools and house building.

After visiting Pitt rivers I decided I wanted to make a goon out of my photos, with notes and photos with it. Here is a photo of the finished product…

20130205-062053 PM.jpg
I made this book by sewing patches of fabric together. Then I sewed on two pieces of card onto the inside. This is so that I could attach the pages to the fabric, by making holes into the paper.

20130205-062456 PM.jpg

20130205-062535 PM.jpg
I found the visit to Pitt rivers quite interesting. There was lots to see and learn about although some of the object were quite disterbing. The visit did inspire me to research more into some things. I found myself fascinated with the old fashioned writing and painting equipment, mainly quills. I also looked at a tattoo artist named Don Ed Hardy, who started the production of Ed hardy.

Here is my research on Ed Hardy:

Don Ed Hardy is an American artis who is known for his tatto work and brand ‘Ed Hardy’. He was born in California in 1945. He graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in print making. Through his connections he was able to study tattooing in Japan, in 1973, with a Japanese tattoo master. Ed Hardy then became recognised for his incorporation of Japanese tatto aesthetics, into his American work.

20130205-063741 PM.jpg
In 1982 he formed Hardy Marks Publications with biz wife. They published a five book series and then went on to create over 20 books on alternative art.

20130205-063930 PM.jpg
Christian Audigier, in 2004, licensed the rights to produce the Ed Hardy clothing line, which was only recently started in 2002. The stores are located in new York, Boston, san francisco, Seattle and many other places.

20130205-064030 PM.jpg
Although Hardy is now retired from tattooing, he still works in other forms such as painting and print making. He also mentors other artist at his studio. His work is still well known.

20130205-064142 PM.jpg
The work of Hardy has changed modern American tattooing. He has inspired other artists and tattoo collectors to pursue custom and personalised art, not just tattoos from a menus on a shop wall.

20130205-064246 PM.jpg
The reason I chose Hardy to research as my tattoo artist is because it is a brand I am familiar with. I was first introduced to it three years ago when I came across one of the perfumes in a shop and instantly fell in love with the smell. I still use it now. The bottle has an interesting tattoo like design on it…

20130205-064714 PM.jpg
as I have also been interested in the Ed Hardy clothing, shoes and acsessories, I decided to research into the tattoo side of the brand. I found that his tattoo designs are quite like the clothing brand. The tattoos are vibrant and detailed. I especially liked the leg designs, which remind me of a pair of tattoo style tights sitting in my wardrobe. It was an interesting topic to research and has inspired me to experiment with brighter and bolder designs, in the future.

As i enjoy drawing and writing, I found the section on painting and writing very interesting at the museum. Particularly quills and paintbrushes. Seeing the many different types of quills, this encouraged me to research more into them. I have always likes writing with an ink pen instead of the usual bull point pen so I found looking at the old fashions way interesting.

20130205-083446 PM.jpg
A quill pen is a writing implement made from a feather of a large bird. The we’re used for writing before the dip pen was invented, the metal nibbed pen, the fountain pen and eventually the bill point pen, which we now use today. Though some quills are still used today as a calligraphy tool as some people proffer its sharp strokes and flexibility.

If a quill has be made properly the slit will not widen through wetting, and drying with ink. It should should retain its shape an only require occasional sharpening.

20130205-085154 PM.jpg
The strongest quills are always the ones that have been made from a birds primary flight feathers, that are discarded by birds during their annual moult. The most common bird that quills are made out of is goose but the more expensive ones are made out of Swan.

20130205-090330 PM.jpg

A quill can he quite easily made. All you need is a feather(obviously), some sand, warm water and a knife.

First make sure you have washed the feather if it has come from outside. Then you can ether leave it to soak overnight or repeatedly dip it into hot water, if you don’t want to wait that long. This is so that the feather softens.

20130205-091800 PM.jpg
Once the feather has been softened, the sand should be heated to 350 degrees. Then the feather is left untill it has cooled. This will harden the feather so that it doesn’t have to be sharpened as often.

20130205-092122 PM.jpg
next the nib is cut with a knife…

20130205-092345 PM.jpg
The feather can be dipped into hair dye to change its colour!

20130205-092506 PM.jpg
then all you need is some ink and you can write till your hearts

20130205-092609 PM.jpg

Whilst sewing the pieces of fabric together I started thinking about the idea of making a book entirely out of fabric, not just the cover. So I decided to research into it and found a small art blog by a woman called Sandra Kaye, who lives in Arizona. She is a wife and a mother of three who likes to make things in her free time, mostly mixed media and quilting. Her fabric journal has inspired me to try and make my own at some point.

20130205-103306 PM.jpg

20130205-103339 PM.jpg

20130205-103357 PM.jpg
This is the first fabric journal that she made. It’s quite plain but looks simple and easy to make. She then went on to make a book out of quilted patches that she traded with other people.

20130205-103611 PM.jpg

20130205-103643 PM.jpg

20130205-103701 PM.jpg
I like this book because it is bright and has lots of interesting textures on/In it. It is quite an inspiring piece of art.

She also made another book with her left other pieces, which I do not like as much as the one above, but it is still quite good.

20130205-103940 PM.jpg

20130205-103958 PM.jpg

20130205-104017 PM.jpg
This artwork has given me a few ideas on what I could do to make my own.

One of the things that I found disturbing whilst researching artefact is the use of the human body, and in some cases animals. At the museum I came across the famous ‘shrunken heads’, which are enemy heads that have been cut off and shrunk as a symbol of the fighters manhood. I have included this in my book. There was also clothing and boxes made from hair. At the Mshed I also found a boom that had been bound with a mans skin, who was sentenced to death./em>

20130205-111312 PM.jpg
When I first read what many of these things were made I couldn’t believe that people used to do this. I can’t imagine wearing something made out of human hair. And yet, as disturbing as it is people still find it fascinating. Even today people make clothing from animal meat, hair and other object.

I spent ages looking up designers that may have carried on this weird tradition but I couldn’t find anything. Although I did come across some of lady gaga’s outfits.

Lady gaga is an American singer, song writer, actress, dancer and fashion designer. She was born and raised in new York and studied at the Convent of the Sacred Heart. She attended a few other places but left to pursue her musical career. She was signed with streamline records by the end of 2007.

Gaga is recognised for her flamboyant and diverse contributions to the music industry through her fashion and performances.

20130205-113652 PM.jpg
This outfit isn’t exactly made out of anything strange like skin, but it is interesting in its own right. I personally think that this is awesome. As a child I loved the muppets, kermit the frog was my favourite! To see a whole outfit made out of something so random and outragus is defiantly inspiring.

20130205-113950 PM.jpg
A dress made from hair…makes me cringe just thinking about it! I don’t really like this dress for that reason.

20130205-114138 PM.jpg
Gaga’s meat dress and shoes is defiantly eye catching. It takes pure guts to walk around in an outfit like this. This has to be her most crazy outfit. It kind of has an old stone age feel to it, as if that’s what the women would wear. Although it doesn’t inspire me to rush out and make my own outfit of meat, it has inspired me to think outside of the box. And outfit can be made out of anything you can imagine, including skin or hair(not that I’m going to try it).

20130205-114705 PM.jpg
this outfit of bubbles that gaga wore during a performance is quite cool. I can almost see someone creating a swimming costume line inspire by this outfit.

20130205-114842 PM.jpg
Another dress of hair…which I actually quite like. Especially the hat. It makes me thing of some sort of shaggy haired monster.

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